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We are working with you as your internal UX/UI, Software and Blockchain team.

Smart Contract Development

With our smart contract solutions, we ensure the decentralization of projects and offer our customers the powerful features provided by the blockchain.

dApp Development

As we build from scratch according to your needs, we provide you with the best solutions for your business with clean UIs for your contracts.


We provide our customers with all the guidance they need to enter the Web3 world with our extensive knowledge of blockchains. Enter Tabellio as a service.

Web Application Development

We produce expandable solutions in accordance with industry standards for the success of projects that need web-based development.

Mobile Application Development

We develop your mobile application with a dynamic, up-to-date and meticulous workmanship.

UI/UX Design

We design modern and unique structures that facilitate adaptation under the guidance of Web3 and innovation.

Komple Framework
Komple Framework is a modular, configurable and scalable platform for building and deploying NFT based applications on the Cosmos Ecosystem. It is designed to be a one-stop solution for developers looking to create NFT based projects and dApps with ease.

Plug & Play Infrastructure

This approach allows developers to easily add new functionality to their applications by plugging in pre-built and custom modules. This not only speeds up development time, but also helps ensure that applications are secure, scalable, and easy to maintain.



In addition to having plug & play modules, Komple Framework is fully customizable to your own liking. If you need some custom logic or want to change how the application works, it takes a few tweaks to have the framework working just as you like!

KompleJS is a Typescript client library for the Komple Framework that allows developers to easily build server and browser applications using the Komple Framework. Without needing to think about writing any low-level code, KompleJS allows developers to focus on building their applications and not worry about the underlying infrastructure.

No boundaries

Use the power of Komple Framework with KompleJS in any application you are wanting to build.


Easy Integration

Just import the KompleJS library, you are ready to go with Komple Framework.

Komple Playground
Komple Playground is an online platform for testing and building applications with the Komple Framework. It provides users with a user-friendly interface for creating and managing collections, as well as interacting with Komple modules and permissions. It is an essential tool for developers working with the Komple Framework, as it allows them to easily test their code and build applications without the need for local setup.
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It is the protocol that allows IBC enabled Cosmos tokens to be exchanged between parties in a trustless manner at the price they have agreed upon.
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This is a marketplace builder made for the community. Projects and DAOs can easily use the Marbu to create their own community-centric marketplaces aka their own universes.
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Contribution is our love language

As a team or individually our team members are contributed
several dApps and ecosystems.

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